The First International Yoga Day enlivened IIITNs

    Even the unostentatious IIIT-Ns have dexterously immersed in the historical event, on 21st June of 2015 as the whole world plunged into the celebrations of its first ever International Yoga Day. Accentuating the ancient Indian philosophy of Vasudhaika Kutumba; the entire human family has responded despite the borders and their beliefs and come forward to make it one of the most successfully organized grand events on the globe in the history of mankind. One of the mesmerizingly edifying speeches of the honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi at the 69th session of United Nations General Assembly [UNGA] on the 27thSeptember of 2014 has indelibly impressed the leaders of the world and consequently the UNGA approved the proposal of adopting an International Yoga Day by consensus with a record of 177 co-sponsoring countries and made a resolution to establish 21st June as the ‘International Yoga Day’.

    An era of peace has commenced with the grand celebration of International Yoga Day with the enthusiastic participation of people from 192 countries. When the world was encircled in fear, Yoga has emerged as a solution offering strength and courage. How can we understand others without empathising our own selves? Yoga doesn't simply mean making the body pliable. It is the only means of overall development of the individual. Yoga means union. The idea of Yoga is to dissolve boundaries so that what is individual and what is universal begins to merge. Yoga is living a life of fulfillment. The only way to experience true well-being is to turn inward. This is what Yoga implies. It is not a workout, it's a work - in. It stimulates pure heart and sagacious mind in a healthy body. Yoga is the mantra for a mind, body and soul that's perfectly in tune with each other.

    The department of Yoga in collaboration with NCC has organized this event. The NCC Commanding Officer Mr. Salil Bakshi and the Campus ANO Mrs. Subba Lakshmi have participated in the event. The students have practiced Yoga from 7:00AM to 7:33AM as cited by the Ministry of AYUSH. About one thousand Yoga, NCC, NSS students and staff have participated in the Yoga practice. The students from Dept. of Yoga have made an inexplicable performance to the Vandemataram song composed by AR Rehman. This performance has arousen enthusiasm among the audience.

    Prof. K. HanumanthaRao, Director, Nuzvid campus had addressed the gathering and mentioned that we are blessed to become part of the first International Yoga Day. He appreciated the dept. of Yoga for organizing such an event. Prof. P. Rama Narasimham, AO spoke on the disciplines of Yoga and how they help us in day-to-day life. Mr. A. Satya Sridhar, Yoga teacher has explained how Yoga helps in improving concentration, relieving pain and excel in life. He stressed the importance of Yoga in maintaining good health. K. Demudu Naidu, student of 3rd year BTech has noted how Yoga helped him in overcoming the problem of sinus and how it lifted him towards gaining a self – employment. M. Madhavi, student of 3rd year BTech spoke on how Yoga gives time as against the general notion of Yoga consumes time. On this occasion, a website on Yoga was launched by the director. The website was designed by the Yoga student P. Prathap of 1st year BTech.